Ways to Eliminate Click Fraud in Your Account

Click fraud is a major issue in paid advertising. Learn how to eliminate click-fraud in your FlendyAds account.

What is Click Fraud?

Click fraud is a black-hat technique of falsely inflating the number of clicks on a pay-per-click ad. Click fraud is usually driven by one of two incentives:

  • Businesses are trying to sabotage their competitors by driving up their costing and meeting their budget caps early on in the day
  • Ad advertisers are clicking on the ads displayed on their sites to generate more revenue for themselves.
FlendyAds has a robust anti-click fraud program that detects invalid clicks. The system of detection uses a three-pronged approach that starts with automated filters. Algorithms detect and filter out invalid clicks in real-time before Businesses are even charged. Since these filters cannot be relied on to catch all fraudulent clicks, FlendyAds Traffic Quality Team also conducts manual or offline analysis and removes any clicks that they deem invalid before businesses are charged. Aside from these proactive measures, FlendyAds also launches investigations based on advertisers reports of suspicious activity. Anytime malicious clicks are detected, they are labeled as invalid.

Advertisers: How to Identify Click Fraud in Your Account?

To track click fraud with your internal reporting, there are a few pieces of information you will want to ensure you collect and FlendyAds does that for you. FlendyAds collect the following information from our Advertisers Website, mobile app, Social Media.

  • IP address
  • Click timestamp
  • User agent
Fraud Clicks are also displayed in your Dashboard under the Ad Clicks section labeled INVALID.

Advertisers: How to Eliminate Click Fraud in your Account

Set up IP Exclusions in FlendyAds: If you have done your due diligence and identified the IP address associated with fraudulent clicks, you can block that IP in the future. To set up an exclusion, all you need to do is head to Sites->[Your website]->Settings-> Activity Tab You will see your website activities there including clicks, country, invalid, IP address, and block Button in red color. Click on the Block Button to block such IP address.

Business: How to Identify Click Fraud in Your Account?

How to Eliminate Click Fraud in your Account

  1. Adjust Your Ad Targeting:

    Sometimes all it takes is a small tweak to your targeting to weed out invalid clicks. If you suspect click fraud is coming from a specific geographic Country or region, it may be worthwhile to exclude these locations and their respective languages. Or, if you suspect that a competitor is committing click fraud, you can exclude their country or city, etc. One caution to be mindful of here is that you mustn't be eliminating GOOD traffic as you do this. Only set these exclusions if you truly believe that the majority of the clicks generated in these areas are fraudulent.
  2. Block websites where more fraudulent clicks originate:

    In your campaign settings you are able to views sites where your ads are displayed and clicked on. In a situation where a website has 10+ invalid clicks, you can block such a website or report the website to FlendyAds.

If you identify click fraud in your account, do not hesitate to report it to

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