How to earn money from posting ads on Social Media [2021]

A Guide on how to share ads on your Social Media pages to make cash from clicks and ad views.

Majority of social media users have huge followers and traffic but do not know how to use that to their advantage.

Developer TechHero Ghana, Claude Amadu has introduced FlendyShare.
FlendyShare is an app for FlendyAds publishers who wishes to use only social media advertising option on FlendyAds. The app enables the registered publishers to easily share ads available on their social media pages to earn money from clicks & viewing of the ads.

Using FlendyShare is Easy

  • Download FlendyShare from PlayStore
  • Create an account on FlendyAds and login to FlendyShare
  • Click on My Accounts from the Navigation menu.
  • Add your prefered social media handle(Number for WhatsApp) you wish to share ads on.
  • Go back to the main Navigation menu and Click Available Ads
  • You will see ads to share

NOTE:Without adding handle for a specifc Social Media, FlendyAds will not assign revenue to your account from clicks and views gotten.

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